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Making things right: Nurses experiences with workplace bullying a grounded theory Name Professor Institution Course Date Bullying refers to a situation where a person intimidates another simply by way of being mean to the other person. Bullying in health care is evident, though it silently exists sometimes with very little interventions by concerned authorities.


Bullying in health care involves all members of the medical fraternity such as health care workers, nurses, and doctors. Bullying in health care is more apparent compared to other problems such as sexual harassment face institutions. Bullying victims can help reduce the problem by reporting bullying incidences to the management (D. Jackson, 2008). According to (Gaffney, Donna, Anne, Judith & Wendy, 2012) in the article making things right: nurses' experiences with workplace bullying-a grounded theory, bullying is an internationally recognized problem that affect healthcare institutions. The article clearly states how the problem affects healthcare management. The article looks in to the effects of the bullying on patients, health care workers and the entire health care systems. These are the primary areas in nursing and healthcare. Addressing bullying in these, healthcare areas demonstrate that indeed bullying play a crucial role in prevention of effective and efficient health care systems. The article explains what the suffering patients go through because of bullying of nurses. Bullied nurses do not have the energy to serve patients with compassion and love (Monks, el et, 2009). The affected nurses loose esteem and there are a high probability for them to make mistakes as they carry out their duties. ...
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