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Assessment Tool for Nursing Competency (Name) (Tutor’s Name) (Date) Assessment Tool for Nursing Competency Introduction To work with today’s complex healthcare environment, nurses need to be efficient and effective. Employers today demand high level of competency and skills.


This paper will concentrate on the communication aspect. Positive result of communication contributes a lot such as increased recovery rates, a sense of safety and protection, better patient satisfaction. The communication may include comprehensible pronunciation, listening skills, non-verbal communication and usage of professional as well as local language. Cultural awareness also is an inevitable part of communication. Assessment Tool Purpose Simulations can be used to assess the communication skills of the nursing students. In simulations, particular set of conditions are created artificially for studying or experiencing something that could exist in reality. The simulations can be created by the clinical faculty without harming the patient. Here the patients will be able to give their feedback both physiologically and interactively. The members of the family also cooperate in this assessment. This keeps away miscommunication that might cause risks on patients. It can be a cheerfully constructed clinical setting where there is an interpersonal relationship among the patient , relative, peer etc. The faculty also may include recording in the process to keenly observe the flaws. ...
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