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Critical Appraisal Name: Institution: Research question Is Emotional Freedom Technique more effective than Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing for reducing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms in Veterans? Introduction In comparing the effectiveness of the two treatment methods for post-traumatic stress disorders, the two researches use different research design and methodologies.


Both the researches use both primary and secondary sources thereby developing a holistic understanding to the study areas. Primary sources refer to the first hand subjects of the research, which are the patients of the condition under investigation. From this subject group, the researchers determine the nature of the disease and the manner in which each treatment methodology differs from the other (Dawson, 2010). However, the two researchers carry out their researches independently without the knowledge of the other. Secondary sources refer to books and other pre developed literary sources that discuss the issues related to each of the treatment mechanisms. The two researches use such to develop conclusive understanding of the issues they subsequently investigate in their research designs about each of the independent researches. Additionally, both the researches are qualitative implying that they investigate specific characteristic features about their subjects. ...
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