Nursing Practice and Decision Making

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Nursing Practice and decision making [Name] [Course] [Date] Nursing Practice and decision making Mr. Singh arrived to the hospital under normal conditions, however, the chest pain he experienced required further assessment to be carried out. Such assessment included anamnesis morbid and anamnesis vitae and more in depth descriptions of the chief complaint, which was a sudden onset of chest pain.


After examination of all systems, mainly focusing on the cardiac system, the results showed that the ECG, boy temperature, respiratory rate, 02 saturation and blood glucose were all normal. Hence, a blood analysis was also carried out and all the parameters were normal except for the Troponin I levels which were slightly above normal. In addition, his blood pressure was high at approximately 160/100. These parameters also need to be considered when making the therapeutic plan for Mr. Singh. In addition, Mr. Singh had also been suffering from depression and anxiety which are also matters that will be discussed in detail in the following sections of the paper (Goldberg & Fawcett, 2012). The paper will analyze the case of Mr. Singh in detail, paying attention to his history and the symptoms he presents. In addition to the management of symptoms, the paper will also analyze the psychosocial factors affecting Mr. Singh and the approaches that can be taken in alleviating them in order to improve the prognosis of the patient (Ryan, 2013). Firstly data collection has to be carried out which enables the physician to gain insight on the disease of the patient (Rogers, A., & Pilgrim, 2010). ...
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