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Humans are omnivorous in nature, but both psychological and social factors have a significant influence on the dietary habits of individuals or a community, some of which may be useful and others harmful. For the purpose of this paper, ethnic/cultural and educational factors will be examined under the social angle, while memory and attitude factors will be discussed under the psychological aspect. Such factors strongly influence the deliberate choice of food intake. Indeed, diet has its detrimental effects on health when not undertaken properly and as per guidance from professionals. Individuals wishing to undergo a diet will be restricting themselves in what they drink and eat aiming at losing weight or becoming healthier (Conner & Norman 2005). Although healthy dieting averts complications like diabetes, the partakers may also fall victim to various negative outcomes like the weakening of the immune system. Such negative results deter the body’s ability to manage the changes dieting causes and how well it adapts to new behaviors. The understanding of the variables encountered in the body enables dieting people to decide their failure or success. For example, calories are essential in providing energy and supporting bodily functions. ...
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Diet Name: Institution: Diet Introduction In terms of nutrition, diet is an aspect of health that is composed of the sum of food an organism consumes. A healthy diet implies intake of specific nutrition for the purpose of health management in terms of lowering health risks including cancer, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and obesity (Cutler & Lleras-Muney 2013)…
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