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Hand Hygiene in the Practice of Nursing Name: Professor: Course: Date: INTRODUCTION The main indicator of quality health care in accordance to the agenda of clinical governance is prevention of further infections among patients within healthcare units. According to the department of health (2000), each situation resulting to health care infection costs an estimate of ?


To curb healthcare associated infections, health care practitioners ought to apply affect hand hygiene (Infection Control Nurses Association, 2003). This applies especial to me as a nursing student. In the long run, I intend to be a mentor and an influential individual in managing infection control. During my initial days in the school of nursing, I thought nursing was merely a routine procedure: Taking blood pressure or blood samples, dressing wounds and prescribing medication. During these few weeks from my enrolment in 27th march 2013, my knowledge of nursing has expounded. I have leant that nurses ought to abide by the nursing code of conduct when handling patients. This covers the manner in which they communicate to patients and hand hygiene when taking care of patients. Health professional mostly apply Gibb’s model of reflection. The model has six stages: description; feeling; evaluation; analysis; conclusion, and action plan. This model helps in assessment of experience and in examining my practice as a nurse. I this case I plan to focus on the stages of evaluation and analysis. However, health practitioners ought to understand that to reflecting alone is not adequate. They need to implement these practices into action. ...
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