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Good Samaritan Laws

Moreover, the paper will also look at the impact of these issues on the patients. The paper will also list the ways to promote health and reduce the risk in ethical and legal situations. One of the legal issues that relate to the current healthcare setting includes vaccination of the healthcare workforce. This legal issue rests on the notion that healthcare workers who have direct contact with patients should be vaccinated since they can suffer from infectious diseases in healthcare centres. In a study conducted by Stewart and Rosenbaum in 2010, it was concluded that direct contact can lead to the contracting of infections such as influenza. Such infections can be transmitted through sharing space with infected patients or through handling equipment, which the patients come into contact with during treatment. Whereas vaccination of healthcare workers can be regarded as crucial in the prevention of infections, making vaccination of healthcare workers mandatory can be termed as controversial due to the legality of such an issue (Stewart and Rosenbaum 615). Based on the law, healthcare workers should have the freewill to choose whether they should accept a vaccination or not. Therefore, it is not appropriate to force them to undergo vaccination when they do not want to do so (Babcock et al. 459). ...
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Author Tutor Course Date Good Samaritan Laws In the recent past, some ethical and legal issues have emerged in the healthcare setting. As a result of these ethical and legal issues, healthcare practitioners face dilemmas while determining how they will deal with clients…
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