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Introduction Nursing has continued to be an evolving practice that is hard to define. However, many definitions of nursing have been suggested by many authors. Florence Nightingale defines nursing as the process of utilising the patients' environment to assist in their recovery (Kozier et al 2008).


In nursing, a combination of clinical experience, technical skill and theoretical knowledge is required in providing high standard care (Funnell et al 2009). Hence, an Act of Parliament in 2002 created the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) to regulate nurses, and protect the public by ensuring that nurses provide high standard of care to the patients (Kozier et al 2008). NMC code of conduct stipulates that nurses are obligated to act ethically and are accountable for their own actions (NMC 2010). This essay will reflect on the roles and responsibilities of a registered nurse in relation to consent to treatment. For this reflection, I will apply Driscoll’s (2007) reflection model that asks three main questions: What? So what? and Now, what? (Bulman & Schultz 2008). To protect the anonymity of patients and staff, real names shall not be used (NMC 2008). Nurse role in relation to consent What? Luke is an 18 year old male with a diagnosis of major depressive with psychotic symptoms. He was admitted informally to acute mental health inpatient following an impulsive overdose few months after the death of his father. On a morning shift during my placement, Luke was elated in mood, very anxious and was observed to be experiencing auditory hallucination saying that “he wants to go and rest with his deceased father". ...
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