THESIS - The benefits of family members and loved ones' presence in the ER during a code situation appear to outweigh the possib

THESIS - The benefits of family members and loved ones
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THESIS - The Benefits Of Family Members And Loved Ones' Presence In The ER During A Code Situation Appear To Outweigh The Possible Negative Effects Of Witnessing Such A Traumatic Event In Regards To The Patient And Family Members And Loved Ones Introduction Traumatic events represent any situation that frames fundamental grounds for a person for experiencing a strong and emotional reaction that entails possible interference within the minds of a person.


Presence of family members as well as loved ones during traumatic code situation creates an environment of care and love that in turn affects the mindset of the person being affected by a traumatic event. It has been further revealed that traumatic event creates a negative atmosphere as well as situation that can be overcome with the presence of family members as well as loved ones (Shepell.fgi, 2012). Thesis Statement This research essay entails a comprehensive and evidence based study of negative effects as well as aspects of traumatic events. It further reveals the influence of code situation with respect to traumatic event. The benefits rendered due to the presence of family members along with the loved ones in the emergency room (ER) during a code situation has been evaluated and it is aimed to be determined if this presence can outweigh possible negative effects. Negative Effects of Traumatic Events Traumatic events bring about a stark set of negative effects, which create an adverse psychological and physiological impact on suffering individuals. Soon after the occurrence of a traumatic event, the person being affected experiences shock as well as numbness. ...
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