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Admission/Application Essay example - Health care reform

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Admission/Application Essay
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Health Care Reform V. Healthcare Reform and Quality of Care Quality vs. Quantity The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was introduced by the 111th Congress in the US regulating that all the Americans should possess greater access towards quality assured healthcare facilities at an affordable price…

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However, with the reduced budget allocations to the healthcare sector and the regulatory obligation to attain a higher price on healthcare facilities maintaining the quality to be intact, it is quite likely for the medical organizations to face inevitable challenges in terms of quantity issue. For instance, in order to offer services with a higher degree of quality assurance balancing the scarcity of resources, owing to the budget deficits, the most probable strategy to be taken by the organizations are the minimization of the quantity of patients. Therefore, it is likely to become quite challenging for the healthcare organizations to balance the quality and quantity aspects with the imposition of the new healthcare reform (Guardian News and Media Limited, 2012). Affordable Care Act The Affordable Care Act has been designed for not only controlling the expenditures relating to the healthcare sector in US, but also for enhancing the quality of care offered to the patients. Hence, the prime objective of introducing this act is to deliver superior quality as well as affordable healthcare facilities for a greater proportion of the American population. ...
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