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Colon Cancer

In short a cancerous tissue can form anywhere in the body. We will focus on colon cancer in this essay. Colon cancer is a short form for colorectal cancer which occurs in rectum or anus; the colon is the large intestine or large bowel, the rectum is the passageway that connects the colon to the anus. If colon cancer is diagnosed at an early stage it can be cured through chemotherapy or surgical treatment however that is only possible if it spreads in to the nearby lymph nodes. According to the American Cancer Society, colorectal cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths in the United States. Unlike breast cancer or cervical cancer which affects women only, colon cancer can affect men and women alike, irrespective of class, race or ethnicity. Despite this it has been seen that it is more common in men than in women. Colon cancer symptoms are simply the apparent changes that one can notice. Many colon cancer patients do not notice any visible change however there are few things that indicate if a person is affected by this disease. For example, according to Cappell (2008), a person might feel abdominal pain and tenderness in the lower abdomen. Diarrhea or constipation may also be one of the symptoms but many patients tend to ignore such symptoms as these may be caused by food poisoning or not eating enough fibrous food. ...Show more


Colon Cancer Ayesha Khalid Research-Academia Colon Cancer Cancer is a malignant disease that is widespread nowadays. It can potentially up shoot anywhere in the body with no unique warning signs. A sufferer might come to know at a very later stage that they have got cancer…
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