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Jenny Holzer

As it is a pbs supported site, we can assume it is of good quality. At each of the slide shows, there is a small written description for the type of series then for each individual photo. There is a video of Jenny Holzer talking but you cannot see it on mac Jenny Holzer You are My Own, Jenny Holzer Autralian Centre for Contemporary Art. 17 December 2009 - 28 February 2010, 24 pages Web. 20 April 2011. A booklet which is designed to give the viewer an excellent view of which pieces are exposed in addition to her life's devotion to art, as well as her different Series, ideas and inspirations which contributed to her techniques and different material in which she devoted her style. Her projected work is based on architecture because she spent so much time doing street scenes (graffiti ie). This document talks about the political theme and different roles the US has played in the world. There is a section which talks about the works displayed at the exposition. The commentaries are an asset as they give an addition 12 sites to articles and documentaries concerning Jenny Holzer. There are twelve pages of her truisms ending with "your oldest fears are the worst ones" page 24. Holzer, Jenny The Art History Archive - Biography & Art Web. 18 April 2011. ...
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Art Review Jenny Holzer Sounding the Alarm, in Words and Light The New York Times online, March 13 2009 Web. 20 April 2011 This is a negative article complaining that her new wave attitude has finally caught up with her and the fact that she has resorted to just relaying the facts since 2005 are heartfelt as they report human suffering…
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