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The Right to assisted Suicide

This topic clearly indicates towards the right towards assisted suicide. Need for the right to assist suicide: “We charged both for two different aspects of what he did. It started as an assisted suicide and turned into a murder.” (John Skrzynski) The above quoted saying by John Skrzynski, describes the complete need for the right to assist suicide. This issue can be illustrated by an example of a genetic engineer who loved his life and was a happy being. One fine day, as he was working in his lab, he met a brutal accident. This accident proved to be quite severe and led him to serious injuries which could not be cured at any cost. Further, he had skin cancer that tortured his body. He had lost his eyes, both hands and half of his right leg. Life had almost ended for him. He couldn’t even eat properly due to his disease. According to the predictions of oncologists, his estimated remaining life was 1 and a half year. The hidden cancer had now advanced to a stage that could not be cured, neither could he beautify the last stages of his life as he was now a handicap. Life seemed to act as a punishment for him. It became nearly impossible for him to wait for a whole 1 and a half year. He started feeling that dying would be far easier than to spend a life of such crucial pain. ...
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Customer Insert His/her name: Customer Insert Customer Insert Customer Insert date: The Right to Assist Suicide Introduction: Every individual of this world is born to live a life according to his own wishes. He is free to live the life the way he wants to as he is the only owner of his life…
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