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The speech given by Benjamin Freedman talks about what really happened during World War I and World War II and how Jews lied to get nations into the massive wars not only once but twice. He says that both of these tragic wars happened because of the Zionists and how their propaganda to keep their businesses thriving led to killings.


That he was a former Jew and an insider makes what he is saying believable. There is no doubt that there are things about the World Wars that we are not aware of. Whether they were dispensable pieces of history or intentionally left out so as not to tarnish the image of the bloodshed in the Holocaust and to make those atrocities take an impact in the minds of people is something worth asking. What is very evident from the introduction of the speech was that it fully takes on an anti-Jewish approach or to say it directly, it is very anti-Semitic. “Here in the United States, the Zionists and their co-religionists have complete control of our government” (Freedman, n.p.). Benjamin Freedman tells us that what happened are all products of the propaganda of powerful Jewish people but I can’t stop feeling that in some way he has propaganda of his own. Throughout the speech he was very persuasive among Christians to take a second look at the lies Jews proliferated and how they have been kept in the dark all these years. Perhaps it was the best tone to convince people to what he is saying but the generalization of Jews makes it uneasy to take in without a second thought. It is very effective in that even I now begin to reconsider my knowledge of World War II and how it has portrayed Germany and rethink whether it was truly a genocide or just plain casualties of war. ...
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