Strengths and Weaknesses of Zartmans concept of Ripeness.

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This is a theory that focuses on the idea of readiness to end a ranging conflict. Zartman observed that in order to come up with a solution on conflicts between two parties the parties must first identify a ripe moment. In such a case negotiation is bound to succeed.


The idea of ripening is a very big challenge in ensuring that diplomacy is practised, this is merely because the theory of ripeness indicates that ripeness is a very subjective discernment resulting from intentioned indicators and persuasion.

For ripening to be achieved the warring parties must understand and accept that the impending conflict is hurting both of them and the only way to come out of it is through mutual negotiations or the use of a mediator and in case of the presence of subjective elements then persuasion can be applied to clearly bring out the notion of both pain and the stalemate.

They need to comprehend the idea that dedication to end the stale mate must come from both parties with full utilisation of an opportunity to end the vice. The other party should be willing to join in the search o of solution that exist in principle and need to be negotiated. A trusted third party should be involved as a mediator who give the conflicting parties a good shake-up through injecting fresh ideas ,ensure that he keeps the fresh ideas flexible by coming up with basic principles , should ensure reliability in the negotiations by structuring a negotiation mechanism in order to reach a mutual agreement. ...
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