State Intervention

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On July 1, 1937 the citizens of Ireland enacted the Constitution of the State. Much thought and consideration went into the preparation of such a document. I understood the importance and significance that each word could have, and much care was given to ensure that the spirit of the words would rise above the troubles of any given day.


The value placed upon the family unit is undeniable. Understanding the importance of the historical significance of the family unit, this article guarantees that the state will, with all its power, protect, defend and uphold the sanctity of the institution. Undeniably society as a whole affirms these principles having ratified the Constitution and empowered the courts to act as a caretaker and a defender when the rights of the family unit are challenged.
Problems arise when government agencies through interpretation of law presuppose to know better than the parents what is best for their own child. Sadly there are cases where the government does need to intervene to protect the child; however, the concern lies when they begin to believe that the government itself has the right to step within the bounds of the family unit and impose its will upon it. It is, actually, quite a chilling thought. Thankfully we live in a country that has a set of checks and balances in place that is empowered, when necessary, to remind itself of the sovereignty of the family.
The Health Act, 1970 authorized the establishment of Heath Boards in Ireland. ...
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