International Entrepreneurship Master Essay

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This study is meant to explore the intricacies of international entrepreneurship by analysing the competencies and achievements of two giant figures in the computer industry-Mr. Steven Paul Jobs of Apple and Mr. Bill Gates of Microsoft.
Wikipedia defines Entrepreneurship as the practice of starting new organizations, particularly new businesses generally in response to identified opportunities.


Many "high-profile" entrepreneurial ventures seek venture capital or angel funding in order to raise capital to build the business. Many kinds of organizations now exist to support would-be entrepreneurs, including specialized government agencies, business incubators, science parks, and some NGOs.
Wikipedia attributes much of the understanding of entrepreneurship to the work of economist Joseph Schumpeter and the Austrian School of economics. In Schumpeter (1950), an entrepreneur is a person who is willing and able to convert a new idea or invention into a successful innovation. Entrepreneurship forces "creative destruction" across markets and industries, simultaneously creating new products and business models. In this way, creative destruction is largely responsible for the dynamism of industries and long-run economic growth. Despite Schumpeter's early 20th century contributions, the traditional microeconomic theory of economics has had little room for entrepreneurs in its theoretical frameworks (instead assuming that resources would find each other through a price system).
Entrepreneurship received a boost in the formalised creation of so-called incubators and science parks, where businesses can start at a small sca ...
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