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Davies Anthony was born in Chelsea, England in 1956. After secondary education he enrolled for a degree in Economics from London school of economics which he completed in 1976. He pursued a master of sciences degree in Economics from the same institution and cleared in 1978.


However, he became interested with becoming an artist after realizing that he had the talent. He never enrolled in any course related to paintings though he went some classes on how to organize painting exhibitions "painting exhibitions is a trade fair event that brings out artistic identities of various regions in the world". He explains I've been organizing these exhibitions in almost every corner of the world making me intermingle with people from different cultural divides. The exhibitions are attached with various prizes and awards most of which are scoped by Anthony.
He says that he does not relate to Henri Rousseau though they came from the same backyard and are in the same field of artistic paintings. However, they share business issues and challenges together. "I chose to work intentionally so as to have a wider customer base for my paintings and also to help me in understanding different cultures" He asserts. Working intentionally is something that Davies had prepared for since he had enrolled for various languages in the linguistic department of Cambridge University via online. The languages were Japanese, Spanish, French, Chinese and Amharic. He speaks the languages partially while abroad and in France.
"My skills of having some knowledge on various languages in the world have been very resourceful as I tour and work in the global ...
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