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Chinese-American Immigrants - Essay Example

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Author : jamisonmills


It is difficult to face a tear in personality especially when it requires conciliation between two cultures and being American was the only hope and guarantee of a great life to Chinese immigrants to America. As all kinds of immigrants to a new society they were 'deformed' in the sense that the unacceptance they were received by deformed their personalities yet they had the power to struggle and face it and stand on their feet solidly.

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Chinese-American Immigrants

The sourness of living where dignity is flushed and third and fourth degree works(which in America they do not accept to deal with and leave to women to do) was the only was to find a means of living to survive. Thus the laundry business ran by Maxine's father when he was kicked out of the business of gambling. As children from Chinese immigrants, Maxine did not understand the relation between myth and reality and talk-stories were a way to sense the factuelles and weave a mentality that could help her understand America and become American yet not forgetting her heritage of Chinese background.
A journey of sufferings does not stop at the point where problems concerning finance stops but extends to the beloved ones who suffer in silence besides the person and try to find a way out of it. ...
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