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Invention: Media and Performance

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Most artists including Andy Warhol, Nam June Paik, Yoko Ono, Bonnie Sherk and John Cage all turned to performance art-once they were dissatisfied with traditional forms of art such as sculpture and painting-to revitalize their work.

J.M. Synge's Playboy of the Western World

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Playboy of the Western World is written in expressing theatrical language which is not as common as it was in the beginning of the 20th century in Ireland - this feature of the play makes it more interesting and unusual for us. There are many theatres which perform Playboy of the Western World, and there are many admirers of Synge's talent, and skilful actors perform the characters of the play realizing its plot, genre and themes.

Tarantino's Marketing

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The first film he directed Reservoir Dogs had a significant impact on the film industry and film-goers, not only through the onscreen stylised violence that had never really been encountered in mainstream film before, but also in the original marketing and employment of startling set pieces of a combination of images and music.

Elements of Feminism in Erin Brockovich

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It simply states that men and women should have rights and opportunities. Therefore it can be assumed that an ideal feminist situation in the workplace is one where a man and a woman are considered equal and neither one have an advantage that the other cannot match.

Van Gogh

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Vincent Willem van Gogh was born in a village called Groot-Zundert whose proximity is close to a place known as Breda, located in the province of North Brabant in the south of Netherlands mostly known for its domination by the Catholic Church.

The Influence of Japonism in Van Gogh's Works

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Japanese art had an important influence on the style of many European artists, including Degas, Gauguin, Toulouse-Lautrec and Van Gogh (Fahr-Becker 30). Van Gogh was an enthusiastic buyer of Japanese prints, most of which he acquired from the shop of a man named Bing, a Paris-based dealer who specialised in Japanese art (McQuillan 132-133).

Van Gogh and Braque

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This paper compares two pictures of famous painters "The Church at Auvers" by Van Gogh with Braque’s "Woman with a Guitar".

Art and Controversy

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The Degenerate Art Exhibition contained Modern works of art accompanied by passages of text that derided them for their perceived degenerate value. Among the notable artists whose works were featured at the Degenerate Art Exhibition were Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse, as well as less well-known artists as Max Beckmanm and Ludwig Kirchner.

Picasso’s Guernica and Beckmann’s Departure – Art in the 19th Century Politics

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From two of the most famous movements during the 19th century, namely Cubism and Expressionism, artists such as Pablo Picasso and Max Beckmann had showcased the core essence of visual arts in the Modern Age.

Japanese Art of the Kamakura Period

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Many people have helped change the Japans’ society such as priest, emperors, women and poets. These people formed a complex society, which fascinated many people. Warriors were the ones who led the imperial Japanese government and war was a constant phenomena.

Julius Caesar play

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Bloom and Loos also state, ‘Platter notes that he witnessed an ‘excellent performance of the tragedy of the first Emperor Julius Caesar’ suggesting that he realized the significance of the play as a work about the death of the republic and the rise of imperial Rome’(281).

Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night

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This paper is an iconography of one of Vincent Van Gogh`s famous works of the "Starry night" that helped to define the icon in the visual arts industry.

Street Art is Art and not Vandalism

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This aspect of expressing dissent and using art to ask questions from the public or the government makes street art a form of public art. It is actually one of the most convenient means for the public to show to the superiors what they are going through and what they want.

Music in Shakespeare's plays that has been composed in the renaissance era

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Still when we understand the writer's work as prose, a considerate of the Elizabethan theatre also how it worked serves our understanding. Basically, The Elizabethan age is often referred to as the golden age of English song. Vocal music pervaded the life of that time to an extent which we hardly realize.

Igor Stravinsky

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Though his father was a bass singer at the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg, Stravinsky originally studied to be a lawyer. Composition came later. In 1902, at the age of 20, Stravinsky became the pupil of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, probably the leading Russian composer of the time.

Film Responses : “Bringing Down a Dictator” , “Corporation” and "The Thirst "

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Film Responses : “Bringing Down a Dictator” , “Corporation” and "The Thirst " Resistance of power is not an easy thing for people to do. Historically in many instances those that resist power or question authority are literally brought down by the authority.

Tango Music

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One evening someone told me that Portalea was in the room, so, very excited, I scurried off to watch him dance. And I looked at him in amazement, because I simply could not work out how what he was doing had anything to do with the rhythm of the music at all.

Representation of the City and the Suburbs

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This is evident after exploring the various cinematic devices used throughout, such as the film's depiction of its male and female characters and their lifestyles, as well as their spaces and dress, and the music selection as outlined by Graeme Turner's Film as Social Practice.

The Radical Postmodern Theatre Personality

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She is constantly on the move, staging performances all over the world. In that sense, she has proved right Shakespeare's famous lines, "All the world is a stage" (Best, 2001). Bausch's academic study in dance is spread over Germany and USA. While her primary study was based at Folkwang School in Essen, Germany, she pursued her advanced study in USA at The Juilliard School.

Wedekind’s Spring Awakening.

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The scene works dramaturgically in a number of ways. First of all, the two characters Melchior and Wendla meet in a wood by surprise. This shows two things: first, that a lot happens by chance within this world and second, that the young teenagers spend a lot of time in the forest.

Simon Piasecki's Performance of Fizz Bomb

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While his voice is rising to reach screaming exclamations, his posture becomes agitated and he eventually explodes the bomb-resembling waistcoat. Piasecki (2008) explains that the "Fizz Bomb" performance utilized the Manchester Butcher's Slang which he learnt as a schoolboy.

Concert Report

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The appraising style of the vocalist JAMES HETFIELD of the band makes me concluded that he is the backbone of the band. The hard beating by the drummer Lars Ulrich make me realize that my ears are jammed by the rock music and that Lars proved that he is one ous the best drummers in U.S.A.

Film and Television Genres

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In order to be able to understand media studies better in general, and in particular that of film genre, in this paper we are going to thoroughly address and examine the different structural definitions of film genres, and as well any and all other key and related issues.

Semiotics in the analysis of popular music texts

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In actuality, all three of these reasons form a coherent whole to explain the insistence upon formal musicology's need to exclude popular music. Yet here in the 21st century a new methodology for analysing music is firmly in place, one that undoes to a great extent the importance of those analytical foundations upon which classical musicology has been based.

Performing arts project film and drama

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It is not that one is superior to the other, but that films and plays provide separate and unique perspectives on the world from which they emerge. Comparing a Shakespearean drama to a modern American or Engish film creates a language bias in the analysis.
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