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(TIME Magazine, 2004) Moore's views seem to be shared by many viewers. At, one viewer says "I saw this film very recently and was stunned. Shocked. Michael Moore's work was thorough, concise, and extraordinary." (, 2005) Not only this, but both domestic mainstream media, and international media of different regimes realized and reported its importance.
However, many analysts point out that Moore's opinion is subjective and prejudiced. An example of this is J. Dewey's 2004 analysis which claims that Moore's documentary violates the truth in more than 50 instances and goes on to say: "Moore knowingly uses some information to support his view, which in context does not lend such support."(Dewey, 2004) Moreover, Moore found it difficult to get publishing companies interested in "Fahrenheit 911" because of its controversial contents. Eventually, due to Moore's perseverance this controversial documentary became both commercially and critically successful. The controversy of both the documentary and the events that it interprets make this a good case study to define the nature of a media event.
In this essay, first I will define the concept of the documentary and then define a media event and explain why the documentary "Fahrenheit 9 ...
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In his 2004 documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11", director Michael Moore interprets the events that occurred in the United States after September 11 2001. He alleges that the presidential administration, headed by George W. Bush, used this event to promote its agenda for unjust wars in Afghanistan and Iraq…
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