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Equality for animals

The principle of equality can be considered as one of the major concepts used by Singer in his article i.e. ‘equality for animals’. The concept was supported with different notions which define that the term equality should encompass the practice of a clear understanding of the nature along with its principles concerning equal consideration of interests. Moreover, Singer has also mentioned that the concept of principle of equality denotes that individual concerns for others should be prioritized equally irrespective of their ability or what they are like. Singer has also used the concept of ‘speciesism’ which significantly depicts the notion of different values and rights to each individual in accordance with their species membership. The concept generally is termed by the advocates who are intended to protect animal rights. According to the author, the concept of speciesism is often referred as similar to prejudice which is certainly akin to the term racism. Therefore, the argument concerning speciesism mentioned by Singer has been found to be somewhat vague or ambiguous. This is because the author did not explicitly highlight the appropriate meaning of the term. ...Show more


Equality for Animals 1. PASSAGE/ARTICLE ANALYSIS TECHNIQUES OR STEPS 1.1 Clarify Key Concepts and Unclear Claims and Phrases: Peter Singer’s article entitled “Equality for Animals?” which has been excerpted from ‘Practical Ethics’, has been recognized to incorporate different key concepts and claims through using various phrases which are found to certainly dissimilar in accordance with the core subject area i.e…
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