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What is Justice - Essay Example

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Justice revolves around qualities that promote fair treatment in the society in accordance to the laws of the land and moral beliefs. Justice forms the moral principle that determines equitable conduct in the society where conformity to this aspect presents an opportunity to administer deserved punishment or reward. While this remains the ideal notion of what justice should be, its remains an elusive mirage as most people flout the code of conduct. This is especially so among individuals who are well off in the society and spills over to organizations and corporations. As mentioned before, justice takes two main forms that are distinct, but bear similarity in their purpose and goals. Substantive justice is justice that is bound by law and is based on a couple of principles that govern how the entire process of discerning and enacting justice is conducted. Substantive justice follows laws that define, regulate and create the obligations of certain parties, which should be carried or no carried out towards others meaning that this form of justice falls under the cause of action, but not proactive. On the other hand, procedural justice is concerned with morality and legitimacy, where it separates the two to show how people respond to authority and how certain bodies found in society have authority over the people. In relation to this case of authority and enforcement of rules and regulations, procedural justice creates room for the creation of frameworks that see to it that justice is delivered through structures that are set apart (Murphy 161). As much as society seek its full implementation in all aspects of life, the efforts seem futile since most charged with the noble task of dispensing justice are involved in hindering the same. With this in mind, it is my view that justice is not possible for all under prevailing institutions of leadership and laws. This follows a trend that is traceable to ancient civilizations who established social classes based on their financial capacities, which was discriminatory to those considered in the lower classes. The trend has been passed on to generations leading to historical trauma in the society, which serves to create a sense of hopelessness. Another factor that plays in a critical role in hindering justice for all lied with the perception in the society, which dictates that inequalities present in the world are a normal way of doing things. For this reasons, those seeking to enact change as faced with great opposition and result in conforming to the norms of inequality. For justice to prevail for all, it is prudent that society devises mechanisms to overcome challenges that impede the implantation of justice. Among the challenges is racism, which remains a sore subject in modern society even as elements of this form of discrimination are evident. Discrimination based on the color of the skin dates back to the 18th Century where Africans were regarded as lesser beings and subjected to slavery (Ulen). In essence, the black community has grown under dilapidated conditions and taught successive generation about historical atrocities and injustices. Global warming is connected with many factors in life that revolve around nature and the activities of man around his environment. Of great concern, however, is how all the factors in global warming are related since carbon dioxide, air pollution and cutting trees influence mountains and forests in a manner that influences quality of life based on the emotional appeal caused by life’s aesthetics (Richardson). A wide majority of corporations especially manufacturing companies are largely involved in the destruction of the environment where ...Show more


Justice has numerous definitions depending on one’s creed, school of thought, and/or application in a given situation, which facilitates the existence of various forms of justice…
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What is Justice
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What is justice
To a fulfilled human being, fairness is to be treated according to the same principals as everyone else and on the same footing. It is to not be biased against based on the color of their skin, their ethnicity, their gender or any other factor that is based on anything but their own moral actions.
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What is Justice
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