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Organizational Knowledge Introduction Introduction of the issues faced and the position of GameStop Corporation in US market The retail sector is described as one of the oldest industries in the world that evolved to a significant extent in this age of globalization (Moser &Vander, 2003).


Other than this, in this competitive scenario, the essence of retailing changed adversely and gave rise to a centralized market situation where the rate of exchanged is extremely high as compared to others (Feldman, 2003). In this market, metal coins and paper notes are also exchanged for other goods which enhanced the scope and extent of retailing to a high extent in the recent decades. Side by side, introduction of online stores also enhanced the range of total sales in retaining sector in today market scenario (Moser &Vander, 2003). However, in spite of huge advancement, the Retail Management sector presented numerous interesting challenges that gave rise to more innovative solutions. The most vital and noteworthy issue that is hampering the portfolio of the sector of retaining is commoditization. It is a trouble-some issue that arose a few decades before that mainly highlights price wars and fierce competition among the rival players of the market. Due to which the position and brand image of numerous reputed organization operating successfully in this segment is experiencing massive downfall resulting in reduction of the profit margin and total sales of GameStop Corporation of US. As a result, the position of GameStop Corporation in the markets of US is reducing at a significant extent, which is quite insignificant (Moser &Vander, 2003). ...
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