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King Corn Movie entails a documentary form, which offers a story regarding people, who had developed a significant interest in the state of corn as a crop in America. Eventually, this leads to a decision of seeking understanding the role that is played by these crops in the daily lives.


Apparently, this documentary depicts a significant endeavor to portray the differences between the farms were utilized in America at the past compared to the present. Fundamentally, the documentary explores the commercialization of the industry, which is portrayed through an example. On the other hand, the film maker of this documentary seems to be in a journey, whereby they purchase a piece of land, which they utilize in growing and producing corn. Furthermore, they also facilitate following through of the economics involved and by the end of the movie, the filmmakers are able to present the idea of the change that has occurred form the past century. Essentially, the story regards two college graduates Ian Cheney, and Curtis Ellis, who argues that they have identified the significance of consuming corn. This leads to curiosity of travelling in search for a way they could grow corn. However, they both trace their ancestry at a small town of Iowa, and they made a decision to lease an acre of land, which could enable them undertake their experiment. In this case, the movie explains that some families had the same piece of land, and there was an aspect of chance from the crop size due to the establishment of merchandise farming and degradation of product quality. Therefore, their experiment and documentary portrayed an aspect of change and the perception towards corn. ...
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