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The Jainist And Carvaka Approach Ethics? Are They Compatible? - Essay Example

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This paper talks about Jainism, just like the Buddhist and Hinduism theories was developed by ancient Indian philosophers and is based on a rational philosophical system. The Jaina concept of philosophy is based upon the ontological doctrine that regards the various philosophical views on reality…

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The Jainist And Carvaka Approach Ethics? Are They Compatible?

This essay stresses that the Carvakans skeptical analysis strengthens the resolve that there is no hell that possesses an excessive pain as that experienced by the current form of life in the world. It, however, agrees on the presence of a supreme who is the monarch of the earthly materials and whose actions and influence are both visible and can be felt in different ways. In their preposition, it is evident that the Carvakans committed a fallacy when they insisted that the fact that an event or object which is not known to exist cannot exist in any form.
This paper makes a conclusion that the religious conceptions as explained in Jainist are rejected by the Carvakans philosophies. The Pianist advances the belief in the presence of animate and inanimate entities whose souls do not interact at any level. It, thus, believes in the presence of another form of life, a sort of reincarnation after the physical death on earth. This is against the ideals of Carvakans, which rejects the ability of an individual to escape the power of death and emerge in another form. This position placed the Carvakans philosopher at a collision course with the Veda proponents who also subscribed to a theoretical reference to reincarnation (Koller 159). To the Carvakans, any individual attributes that were used to represent an individual resided solely in the body and could not be replicated in another form after death in a process similar to reincarnation. ...
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