Indian Philosophy. What Is Indian Philosophy?

Indian Philosophy. What Is Indian Philosophy? Essay example
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In this essay, I will provide a summary of Indian philosophy. Further, I will provide philosophical arguments that show that Indian philosophy is more like a religion than philosophy. First, I will summarize the main considerations of Indian philosophy.


The main consideration is that, the practical drive of Indian Philosophy is motivated by the view that human life is full of suffering. Human beings suffer in their journey to realize actual truth about their life. Despite of many sufferings, Indian philosophy brings into light the importance of worship and meditation to achieve peace and liberty provided by the Supreme Being. Indian philosophy is strongly spiritual and emphasizes the need of realizing the truth about life. The philosophy aims at achieving the knowledge of truth. It helps human beings to attain instinctive vision of reality and perception of truth, which leads to actual realization. According to Datta (571), Indian philosophy is intimately linked with religious facts. For instance, Indians believe on the fact that existence does not come from non-existence. In other words, there is nothing in this world comes out of nothing. There is a supreme being who is sole cause and source of the universes. This contradicts with Descartes who in his philosophy believed that all philosophy do not start with God’s scripture. Descartes believed that all philosophy should start with the argument “I think I am”. Descartes assumed that existence occur in the essence of being perfect being without believing in the essence of finite thing. ...
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