Introduction to philosophy.

Introduction to philosophy. Assignment example
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The contributions that Descartes, Hume to philosophy The 17th and 18th century philosophers had enormous contributions to philosophy and they include Hume, Kant, and Descartes among others. This discussion will outline Hume and Descartes contribution to philosophy.


The two are modern philosophers and their ideas lay a foundation to much human thought and examine the modern thought as they have developed a unique philosophy that extends to both rationalism and empiricism worlds. Examining both Hume and Descartes contributions to philosophy shows their critical contribution to the foundation of Kant and thus the basis that united rationalism and empiricism. Descartes contributions He is a rationalists who believe that some knowledge is attained other than by or via human senses, for instance, he says, “I therefore think I am” is a crucial element of this concept. More significant, the knowledge is heavily determined by knowledge of God – that is God and the idea of God is outside the senses realm and thus exists only through thought. Through his meditation, he indicates that with minds and thoughts people can make decisions around them. Descartes believe on two metaphysical substances – the thought and the matter. Contrary to traditional philosophy and their beliefs, Descartes holds that matter is without form and that certain ideas such as ideas of the God and mind are senses-centered and innate. The main limitation with Descartes contributions is that most of his work is highly grounded on God’s existence and thus it needs God to aid prove certain innate ideals concept outside the sensible universe. ...
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