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This was also the time when Lindsey decided to go to university. The fallacy that the speaker commits here is the oversimplified cause fallacy. First, the speaker believes that since the relationship went downhill at the same time that Lindsey went to university, then the university thing must have been the reason behind the failure of the relationship. However, these may have only been a coincidence, and that nobody could really actually say that two events happening together in close succession would be both a cause and an effect. Second, the speaker falsely labels Lindsey’s decision to go to university as something that violates the traditional female role. Perhaps, the speaker equates female tradition with submission to the male gender or prioritizing one’s boyfriend instead of going to school. Either way, the meaning of “traditional female role” is vague. The fallacy is therefore committed as the speaker labels this decision of Lindsey’s to go to university as something that violates the traditional female role, and somehow hastily ascribing to this abandonment of the traditional female role as the cause of the failure of a relationship. 2. Mayor Ford: Reporters from the Toronto Star, and Globe and Mail newspapers have claimed that I use crack cocaine, and that my brother dealt drugs in the 80’s. But those reporters are just a bunch of maggots. So, nobody should listen to those little sleaze bags. Premise 1) The reporters of certain newspapers claim that Mayor Ford uses cocaine and implicates his brother in this. 2) These reporters are a “bunch of maggots” and “little sleaze bags.” Conclusion: Nobody should listen to them, or what they are saying is not true. Fallacy: Ad hominem According to the mayor himself, the reporters of the various newspapers whom he named were accusing him of using drugs and even implicate his brother in this. However, instead of stating whether these accusations are true or not, or instead of giving his statement on the matter, the mayor decided to resort to committing the fallacy of ad hominem by calling these reporters a “bunch of maggots” and “little sleaze bags” – which are extremely derogatory terms. These bad names were used by the mayor in order to discredit these reporters and to somehow make the reader feel that these reporters do not deserve to be heard at all. Thus, the tendency of those who will believe the mayor’s statement will be to refuse to believe the reporters. The mayor is perhaps committing this fallacy deliberately in order to evade the true issue, or perhaps the possible truth that he really was a crackpot. 3. Keesha: I’ve just started using Weight Watcher’s weight loss program. You should really try it. Martin: Why Weight Watchers? Aren’t there lots of different weight loss programs out there? Keesha: Well maybe, but I know Weight Watchers is the best because the sales associate at Weight Watchers told me that their program is the only way to lose weight safely and effectively. Premise 1) The sales associate at Weight Watchers told Keesha that their program is the only way to lose weight safely and effectively. 2) Weight Watchers is the best. Conclusion: Keesha has started using Weight Watcher’s weight loss program. Fallacy: Inappropriate Appeal to Authority According to Keesha, the Weight Watchers weight loss prog ...Show more


Fallacious Arguments Name Subject Teacher Date               Fallacious Arguments 1. “Lindsey and Malik were the happiest couple I knew, until after Lindsey decided to go to University instead of having a baby. So obviously it all went downhill because Lindsey abandoned the traditional female role.” Premise 1) Lindsey decided to go to university instead of having a baby…
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Fallacy arguments
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