Distinction between just and unjust laws

Distinction between just and unjust laws Essay example
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Distinction between Just and Unjust Law Student’s Name: Course No.: Professor’s Name: Date: Martin Luther King’s influential piece of diction in the form of ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’ has served as the bases for equality campaigners and Human rights advocates.


The law according to racial bigotry was condemned by King and civil liberty advocates joined hands with him. When he wrote to reputable clergy men and they declared it as a civil disobedience against the law of the state (Boshier, 40-41). Even after years from the King’s anti-segregation campaigns one can witness inequality and chauvinism due to racist notions in the law abiding agencies of the State. The letter was written in 1963 to the government’s higher officials to remind them of their civil responsibility to maintain equality irrespective of the race and cast. In 1999, the lawmakers introduced a new gun law in Florida. Since the residents of Florida receive a constitutional right to carry a gun. Therefore, authorities devised an inflexible and irrational law known as 10-20-life law. This law states if a gun is used in any felony the owner will receive a direct 10 year prison time and., if it used in a shooting 20 year prison time. And if at a person who is killed or injured, he will receive a 25-to- life time in prison (Downes and Cohen et al., 180). This rigid law encountered many guiltless cases, but they were charged with the harsh terms devised by the obtuse law makers. Gun laws in Florida are most inflexible and distinct from the other States of USA. Florida gun laws have victimized many of the innocent citizens. Hence, these laws need amendment and require immediate attention of the jurisdiction. ...
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