Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Philosopher Biography Project Paper and Persuasive Presentation

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Ayn Rand – Philosopher of the Twentieth Century Name Institution Course Instructor Date of Submission Ayn Rand was a controversial philosopher born in Russia on 2 February 1905. At the tender age of six, she already became literate, with the capability of reading and writing, something she learnt on her own.


Rand supported the Kerensky revolution but denounced the Bolshevik revolution. Because of the latter revolution, fighting erupted and her family relocated to Crimea where she finished her studies. Later in life, her father’s pharmacy was confiscated after the communist victory, a fact that saw a lot of suffering. Rand immensely opposed the Russian way of life, especially their collectivism and mysticism. Instead, she admired and emulated the American culture, and even changed her name from Alisa Zinovievna Rosenbaum. She studied Philosophy in the Petrograd University and graduated in 1924. Some of her works include The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, and Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology, and We the Living among others. Sadly, Rand passed on in 1982 from a cardiac failure but her work still raises discussions and debates in the world of philosophy. Ayn Rand is recognized worldwide for her philosophy of objectivism. Rand pointed out that people can understand the world. She elaborates further that this can be achieved by reasoning and logic. This has elicited controversy since other philosophers have proposed that reality is unclear. They have claimed that reasoning and logic sometimes cannot be depended on, coining it as subjectivism. Rand discounted this claim, citing erosion of self-esteem and confidence as its downsides. ...
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