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Create a dialogue between two people. Describe and critique two perspectives on morality - Essay Example

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Create a dialogue between two people. Describe and critique two perspectives on morality

I believe in utilitarian ethics and I would like to discuss it with you and maybe learn about your moral basis.” Steve was delighted by the topic and replied, “I have also noted our differences and attributed it to diversity. Discussing our moral values would be important to our interpersonal relationship and will improve our perspective on our environments. I believe in deontology ethics. Could you please tell me about your ethical perspective?” David: “Utilitarian ethical perspective is based on the concept maximum good to a majority of members of the society (Brooks and Dunn 183). It informs judgment on a act, whether of commission or of omission, based on effects on members of the society and therefore means that morality of an act is determined after members of the society have interacted with the act and its effects, both positive and negative have been observed. The act is then said to be unethical if realized bad effects on members of the society are more significant than benefits from the act. It is however considered moral if greater benefits can be derived from it and this identifies two perspectives to determining ethics in an act, the extent of effects on people and the number of people that the act affect. Utilitarianism also relates to decisions whose implementation has effects on people. Rule utilitarianism explains this by offering rules that can lead to maximum good in a society. A decision to restrict a person’s right to smoke in a public place is for example moral under utilitarian ethics because while it may infringe the smoker’s need and may be cause distress, it will be beneficial to many other people I the immediate environment through ensuring clean air and protecting the people’s lives (Kanniyakonil 65- 66).” David: “I should have been keen to note that your judgments are based on consequentialism. My ethical perspective, deontology, is however a rule based perspective to moral judgment. The perspective associates morality with duty that is expected of people in a society and is based on social rules. It is different from your ethical perspective because it disregards consequences of an act or a decision. An act that is consistent with established rules is for example considered ethical despite its negative consequence to members of the society and an act that contradicts existing rules and obligations is considered immoral irrespective of the net benefit that in which it results. considering your example of smoking in a public place and suppose that a the society allows people to smoke in public places, then the act of smoking is considered moral regardless of the air pollution and its associated effects on people’s health (Basford and Slevin 214, Showler 21)” David: “Reliance on rules for judging decisions and actions has the benefits in fair judgment and this is contrary to the scope of your utilitarian approach that also appear to be subjective. One of my concerns with utilitarian approach to ethics is the lack of a suitable measure for benefits and harm of an act. There is no standard measure and this compromises reliability and fairness because some people may be more sensitive than others are while some may exaggerate consequences. It is also difficult to identify population segments that have been affected by an act or a decis ...Show more


Dialogue on moral perspectives Introduction Ethics defines sets of rules in a society that helps in distinguishing between moral wrongs and moral rights. Different ethical perspectives exist and may have varying judgments on an issue or behavior and this paper explains and criticizes deontological and utilitarian perspective of ethics through a dialogue between two individuals, Steve and David…
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Create a dialogue between two people. Describe and critique two perspectives on morality essay example
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