Create a dialogue between two people. Describe and critique two perspectives on morality.

Create a dialogue between two people. Describe and critique two perspectives on morality. Essay example
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Dialogue on moral perspectives Introduction Ethics defines sets of rules in a society that helps in distinguishing between moral wrongs and moral rights. Different ethical perspectives exist and may have varying judgments on an issue or behavior and this paper explains and criticizes deontological and utilitarian perspective of ethics through a dialogue between two individuals, Steve and David.


I believe in utilitarian ethics and I would like to discuss it with you and maybe learn about your moral basis.” Steve was delighted by the topic and replied, “I have also noted our differences and attributed it to diversity. Discussing our moral values would be important to our interpersonal relationship and will improve our perspective on our environments. I believe in deontology ethics. Could you please tell me about your ethical perspective?” David: “Utilitarian ethical perspective is based on the concept maximum good to a majority of members of the society (Brooks and Dunn 183). It informs judgment on a act, whether of commission or of omission, based on effects on members of the society and therefore means that morality of an act is determined after members of the society have interacted with the act and its effects, both positive and negative have been observed. The act is then said to be unethical if realized bad effects on members of the society are more significant than benefits from the act. It is however considered moral if greater benefits can be derived from it and this identifies two perspectives to determining ethics in an act, the extent of effects on people and the number of people that the act affect. ...
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