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Student’s name: Professor’s name: Module title: Module ID: Submission date: How does Marx's interpretation of history affect his political ideology? The present paper concentrates upon exploring the impact of Marx’s interpretation of history during his early career years on the establishment of his political ideology in the future life to go.


Though earlier works created by Marx seem to be advocating the scientific and technological development by taking it to be beneficial for the growth of human societies through his political ideology (156-7); nevertheless, his later works looks opposing the same partly because of the increase in exploitation of proletariat by bourgeoisie in the wake of industrial developments taking place in society (324). Somehow, instead of censuring the development, Marx aims to defy the evils the development had brought along with it. Since the political, social, economic, cultural and religious environment under which man is brought up and experiences the socialization process leaves an indelible imprints on his ideological thoughtfulness, the initial era cognitive development and thoughts keep on influencing his outlook and opinion on the one side, and regulating his actions and behavior on the other; the same is equally applied to the set of political and socioeconomic beliefs maintained by this distinguished philosopher and Father of Socialism i.e. Karl Marx (1817-1883). ...
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