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The Themes of The Last Days of Socrates and The Death of Ivan Ilych - Essay Example

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Name: Institution: Professor: Date: The Themes of ‘The Last Days of Socrates’ and ‘The Death of Ivan Ilych’ Inevitability of death and immortality of human souls is a major theme evident in ‘The Death of Ivan Ilych’. Ivan struggles with a terminal illness and also struggles with the inevitability of his own death…
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The Themes of The Last Days of Socrates and The Death of Ivan Ilych
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The Themes of The Last Days of Socrates and The Death of Ivan Ilych

Ivan knew very that he was going to die, and this forced him to re-evaluate his life in a painful manner. Ivan also asked questions and tried to hide whenever deaths, sicknesses and recoveries were mentioned in his presence and more so when the sickness resembled his own. Inevitability of death and immortality of human souls is also evident in ‘The Last Days of Socrates. In the novel, Socrates held a dialogue with Phaedo on the nature of the afterlife. Socrates offered supporting arguments on the reasons as to why soul is immortal. Socrates believed that the soul is made up of basic forms, which are eternal and unchanging and that there was a different between soul and body. He was however executed by poison hemlock an indication that death was inevitable since human bodies are mortal while human souls are immortal. Socrates says ‘...anyone who does not know, and cannot prove that the soul is immortal must be afraid, unless he is a fool’ (Plato 170). From the two stories, it is quite evident that the acceptance of death, as well as the recognition of the unpredictable nature of life allows room for peace, joy and confidence at the moment of death. The two stories clearly show how the characters understood of the mortality of human bodies and the immortality of human souls. ...
The authentic life usually cultivates mutual affirmation of human relationships, which usually break down isolation and give room for interpersonal contact. The artificial life is defined as the depreciation which usually hides the true meaning of life and leaves one terrified of death. The artificial life usually leaves people empty and alone while the authentic life fosters strength through comfort and solidarity through empathy and also creates a bond as it prepares people to meet their death. Gerasim is too confident and not afraid of death and is able to lessen the pain felt by Ivan by sharing with him. Gerasim provides spiritual support to Ivan an indication of authentic life. The virtue of authentic life is evident between Gerasim and Ivan a clear indication that authentic life is the right life. Right life is also evident in ‘The last days of Socrates’. Socrates brings in the theme of right life in the form of justice. In his dialogues, Socrates questions on the meaning of justice and whether the type of justice he went through were the right life. Socrates dialogues, which Euthypho, apology, Crito and Phaedo describes his trial as well as the execution. In his dialogue with Euthypho, Socrates finds it quite surprising on how someone would bring charges against his own father and finds it quite pious to bring charges against someone he loved. In ‘apology’ Socrates defends himself when cross examined by Meletus and said that he was to poor for him to be a sophist or a teacher of rhetoric as charged. He said it was unjust for him to be charged as his accusers were the ones who corrupted the youths and unjustly sentenced him using the laws. In his speech, Socrates said ‘...the jury has hadmany negative opinions from people about me long ... Read More
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Phaedo-Wisdom&the soul, Socrates about to die in Plato: The last days of Socrates Summa Theological 1,46:2 ad 7: Whether it i
While Socrates indicates that suicide is negative action, individuals should not fear death as the soul is an element of the transcendent universe. Rather the dying the soul actually becomes attached from the body and in the individual’s life true wisdom is achieved through progressively detaching one’s soul from their earthly bodies.
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Read Phaedo-Wisdom and the Soul and Socrates about to Die in Plato: The Last Days of Socrates
At the time of death, Socrates thoughts tap those moments of our life when we have to choose between our senses and our soul. The dialogue takes place at Peloponnesian, small town of Phlius, which was home to Echecrates. Phaedo, one of the followers of Socrates is a visitor to the place and becomes a witness to the death of Socrates and the dialogue that ensues between him and Crito.
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The Death of Ivan Ilych: How Dying Renews the Meaning of Living
Name Instructor Class July 25, 2011 The Death of Ivan Ilych: How Dying Renews the Meaning of Living The Death of Ivan Ilych provides deeper understanding for Man's Search for Meaning, because the former asserts how hedonism only wastes intrinsic living and the only meaningful life in this world entails giving it up for a life of service to others.
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The Death of Ivan IIych
He has been deceived all his life; he thinks he is happy and successful, and most of all, loved and respected, but the way people see and treat him at his most vulnerable moments and after his death demonstrates the sham of humanity’s conventional concepts of happiness and success.
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The Symbolism in The Death of Ivan Ilych

According to the research findings,  this symbolism, the black sack, is connected to the theme of inevitability of death. Even though Ivan never wanted to reach the bottom, he finally did. His story of approaching death steadily is his recognition of death as well as his attempt to compromise with his nullifying and dreadful power.

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Undestanding The Death of Ivan Ilych
The narrator exactly knows how each character thinks,feels,and acts throughout the course of the novelette.He can actually reveal the deepest part of the characters’ consciousness.He can expose the innermost thoughts of the characters revealing their transparent attitude towards life,relationships,and the society in general
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Socrates' Death
Lots are cast to determine the jurors (the dikasts). As indicated by Xenophon and Plato, since the majority of dikasts voted in favor of Socrates’ conviction, the dikasts cast another vote to determine the form of punishment that is to be meted out on Socrates.
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The Death of Ivan Ilych
An unexamined life, in this sense, could be taken to mean a life that is not lived to its fullest - a life that contributes little to society or to the others in your own social circle. A person's life can be measured and defined by the number of other lives that it touches.
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The Role of Gerasim in The Death of Ivan Ilych
Gerasim is introduced early in the short story and we know his position in the household from this early description. His role is constant, but pivotal and when Ivan dies in peace, we know that is it partially because of Gerasim's influence. The story opens with the announcement of Ivan's death.
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The Death Of Ivan Ilych
Along the way, the reader is shown Ivan’s complex feelings towards his wife, children, friends, and his job. These feelings are made all the more difficult because of the fact that for most of the story Ivan
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