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Epicurus Paper

As a result, these good and bad aspects in life are what contribute to pleasure and pain respectively. Epicurus went ahead to describe what exactly pain and please were in his understanding. He mentioned that a person may decide to choose between pain and pleasure. As a result, if an individual selects pleasure over pain in their lives, then they are prone to endure only the pleasurable things in life. Else, an individual will only endure all the bad and/ or sad events in their lives. It should be noted that Epicurus was advocating for pleasure in both dynamics- that is pleasure in the body as well as the mind together with satiety and freedom from fear of death (Epicurus 128-129). As cited from the Epicurus Reader, pleasure in happiness was all up to the individual. “Do you want to be happy? Of course you do! Then what’s standing in your way? Your happiness is entirely up to you. This has been revealed to us by a man of divine serenity and wisdom who spent his life among us, and showed us, by his personal example and by his teaching, the path to redemption from unhappiness” (Hutchinson, “Introduction to The Epicurus Reader”). Based on that, he added that the only aspect that could hinder our happiness was based on our feelings. ...
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Name Professor Subject/course Date Epicurus philosophical ideas Epicurus was an ancient Greek philosopher who had a number of philosophical thoughts that he taught at his school – School of Epicureanism. His thoughts were related to a number of factors such as: happiness; life; ethics; death; religion; science; peace; freedom from fear; pain; friends…
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