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Miisconceptions about Evolution - Essay Example

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One of the misconceptions that have been greatly discussed in the past and current generation is ascribed to the theory of evolution of life. The misconception in this sense is that evolution is basically a hypothesis concerning the manner by, which life developed. To some extent, this misconception is true; to begin with, evolution theory has not provided many with any form of evidence regarding the process of evolution of life i.e. what was the initial chemical process that facilitated the beginning of life. However, this theory has only focused on the manner by, which one form of life changed from different times and periods. On the other hand, there has also been a misconception the evolution theory asserts that life has been changing from time to time and that there is a probability that life will continue changing over time. An analysis of various issues may lead to the conclusion that this misconception is correct. Scientific evidence has proved that life may change in different ways. The first manner through, which life can change is by adaptation. Usually living things adapt to various conditions of life i.e. one person may move from a desert region characterized by hot weather conditions to an extremely cold place characterized by ice and snow and adapt to the new environment. Additionally, evolution may also occur through the process of natural selection, which is also facilitated by adaptation. In many cases, when an organism fails to adapt to its new environment, it dies and those that can survive adapts and continue living. However, science has not provided any substantial argument whether or not such form of evolution is usually random or occurs in a specified manner. There is also another misconception that evolution only occurs in a slow and gradual manner ( This is not correct. To begin with, there is not proof that has shown that evolution only occurs gradually and in a slow manner. The misconception is usually based on the fact that evolution processes i.e. adaptation may not be physically perceived. Most scientists who have made efforts to provide proof that evolution has been occurring, base their argument on comparing two forms of life i.e. one that is expected to have occurred in the ancient times and the others that currently exist. These comparison are usually undertaken through analyzing various physical features of the animal and the ways by, which they have changes. It is crucial to point out that evolution may occur slowly and randomly at times and it may also occur faster and gradually at some point. The process of evolution may be facilitated by certain physical conditions such as temperature, wind et cetera. On the other hand, anthropogenic activities that basically involve a direct interaction with the environment may also influence at which certain forms of evolution occurs, for instance: When a forest is cleared, certain inhabitants i.e. birds may be forced to relocate to new habitats that have different environmental conditions, hence compelling the birds to undergo adaptation. Consequently, there is also a misconception that human-beings are currently not evolving ( The basis of this argument is that many people do not see any physical change or biological changes that have occurred on human-beings. What the supporters of this misconception have failed ...Show more


(Name) (Instructors’ name) (Course) (Date) Misconception of Evolution Introduction There have been varying misconceptions about evolution and how certain aspects of life as well as the world were developed. Many scholars have come up with different ideas regarding the theories that attempt to discuss the evolution process…
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Miisconceptions about Evolution
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