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Philosophy of Ethics final exam - Essay Example


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Philosophy of Ethics final exam

In the virtue approach, an ethical action is one that is grounded with virtues, such as honesty, fairness, compassion, and integrity, and once they become a habit, they transform into traits of a person (Velasquez et al., 1996). From this notion, it can be said that a hug from a medical practitioner can be positive if the doctor and the patient both have virtues with pertinence to such an act (Baum, 2011), but the negative aspect about this act is that patients may not receive the feeling of comfort if they are not used to this kind of action with anyone else. Similarly, doctors may not give the right comfort the patient wants if it is not in their disposition to hug (Clark, 2012). 2. How important are the consequences of our actions when making moral decisions? The consequences of one’s actions are very significant when making moral decisions to the extent that one must assess divergent forms of actions by getting the facts, or through the different forms of results of such an action. It is noteworthy to consider the moral rights of a person when making a moral decision, its fairness and with consideration of moral principles. Otherwise stated, one must assess all alternative actions and choose the one with the best overall outcomes, one that best respects the rights of the person, with sense of equality, draws for the common good, and with moral virtues (Velasquez et al., 1996). 3. Does adherence to virtues offer a complete solution to everyday moral dilemmas? Moral dilemmas can only

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I agree with Stairs’ analysis that Parfit does not prove his argument, and will try to justify this. Parfit looks at instances where the corpus callosum, which joins the left and right brain hemispheres, has been severed. He examines the verbal responses of such patients, and their written responses to a screen that shows red on one side, blue on the other.
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He was biased towards legislative process that is open and did not favor much the constitutional forms. Both Newt Gingrich and Wilson stressed that political parties, Congress and ideas must be given prominence in American Politics (Connelly, 2010). His influence was great and thoughts about Congressional Government were relevant and used by many reformers (Connelly, 2010), however Connelly (2010) argued that Woodrow Wilson’s project to change how the legislative and executive branch governed was doomed to failure.
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But death is the deprivation of sensation. This therefore means that death is nothing, since it is neither good nor evil because it takes human sensations which are the determinants of good and evil. Epicurus went on to argue that we should never fear death because in life death is not with us, and when we die we will be no more.
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It will be recalled that the Bacchants were repeatedly stressed to be non-Greek, coming from Asia Minor and converting cities as they go, and that
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Philosophy final exam
In the context of the Apology this refers to Socrates refusal to stop his teaching because it is tied into his life purpose and meaning, namely the examined life. The philosophical claim can also be extended to the lives of all individuals, indicating that in living a life
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Save the attachment (.doc) or copy and paste the quiz and the answer sheet to your word processor. Enter your answers directly into your word processor version. When you have finished entering your answers, save your answers to your computer (always keep a copy of your
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For instance, the bureaucrats struggle for limited power resources from interest groups and others to sustain their organizations. Long argues
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One of the good and recent examples of realigning election is the 1932 and the 2008 United States presidential elections whereby Franklin
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This way, restoration occurs naturally, as the change arises from within personal intuitions. Mackie on the other hand contends that effective punishments should reform the behavior of an individual.
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The main similarity that occurs between Bismarck, American and Beveridge health care models is their aim in providing the desired medical
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be settled when a person is virtuous; thus, adherence to virtues makes a person become ethical. Virtues are traits or behaviours that reinforce oneself to become and act in approaches that will enhance highest potential. They will enable one to fulfill the ideals one has adapted. Exemplaries of virtues may include courage, fidelity, prudence, and fairness. These virtues become traits of a person when required. It must be noted that once persons have enhanced virtues, they will naturally act in different approaches constant with moral principles (Velasquez et al., 1996). Therefore, in the virtue approach, moral dilemmas can be easily resolved by a virtuous person. 4. Using two ethical approaches, give 2 arguments in favor of, and 2 arguments against the death penalty. Death penalty has been used as a tool for crime deterrent and divergent conflicting stances have emerged to discuss such a schematic approach of punishment. In fairness or justice approach, an action should be fair, must treat everyone in similar manner, and should not show discrimination and favoritism. On the other hand, the rights approach proffers everyone with the right to the truth and of privacy, the right not to be injured, and to what is agreed (Velasquez et al., 1996). Moreover, death penalty publicly authenticates the ultimate act of taking a human life. In the hope of emancipation by those who could have been proven innocent, death penalty tends to deter one from hoping and the right to live (“N.H. Church Leaders,” 2013). This act hinders one the right to the truth making death penalty a disadvantage. Death penalty must be stopped because there is a dearth of


Final Exam Essay Questions 1. Case scenario: You are a doctor who is treating a patient who is in tears. Should you hug this patient? Using two ethical approaches provide arguments of the pros and cons of this action. A hug between a doctor and patient must be in an appropriate context, and there must be a sense of eagerness between the recipient and the giver of a hug (Clark, 2012)…
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Philosophy of Ethics final exam essay example
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