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TAE40110 CERTificate IV in Training and Assesment

d – and place at the top of your portfolio CANDIDATE to complete this section Name: Slobodanka Vukcevic Address: Unit 218 /285-305 Centre rd Bentleigh Phone: Daytime: 0432541803 Evening: ????? Email address: ?????sandramisticna@hotmail.com Company name: ????? Training date(s): ????? Training location: ????? Trainer name: ????? Assessment deadline: ????? Date submitted: ????? Candidate declaration—By signing below, I declare that: ? I have been advised of the assessment requirements, have been made aware of my rights and responsibilities as an assessment candidate, and choose to be assessed at this time ? this workplace project is my own and contains no material written by another person except where due reference is made. I am aware that a false declaration may lead to the withdrawal of a qualification or statement of attainment. ...
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Slobodanka Vukcevic PART I: 1. TAEASS401A Plan assessment activities and processes 2. TAEASS402A Assess competence 3. TAEASS403A Participate in assessment validation PART II: 1. TAEASS301A Contribute to assessment 2. TAEDEL301A Provide work skill instruction 3…
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