Assisted Suicide

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Running head: PHILOSOPHY Philosophy By (Your name) Presented to (Instructor/Tutor) (Course/Subject) (Institution/University) (City/State) (Date) Assisted suicide, also known physician-assisted suicide (PAS) is the act of assisting suffering and terminally ill patients end their misery, and thus their lives.


In countries where assisted suicide is legalized, such as the Netherlands, assisted suicide, upon the request of the patient and times the general consensus of the family, is performed by a physician. This is after the signing of legal documents. Susan Wolf’s experience was a difficult one. The pain of losing a father and a friend was unbearable. The pain of seeing her father undergo excruciating pain for the time he was in and out of the hospital was a lot to handle. He could no longer feed himself, stand or walk, was bed ridden to a point of developing bed sores, and the cancer was spreading to his lungs. Other infections such as pneumonia were also weakening his body. All these were most difficult to bear. It was not easy to balance the requests and wishes of her dying father and her previous stand that was against the legalization of physician-assisted suicide. Susan, in her mind, began to contemplate the concept of assisted suicide but managed to hold it together and opted for her father’s care and comfort. If I were in Susan’s position, I would have also opted for palliative and hospice care. I would have endeavored to keep him as comfortable as possible, constantly reassuring him that everybody was dedicated to his wellbeing. This is because the worth, dignity, and sanctity of life must be upheld. ...
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