Different instructional models widely used around the globe

Different instructional models widely used around the globe Essay example
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This essay explores different instructional models, widely use around the globe, and compare the differences among them. I have also tried to establish a connection between historical factors that forced our education to alter according to the political, social and cultural needs.


After that we analyzed a lesson plan. We critically studied the strategy upon its merits and demerits. Lastly, We reviewed the assigned article and tried to filter out the need of academic or aptitude tests and their unwanted burden on our teachers, parents and most of all our students. There are different educational philosophies having different focal ideas. Perennialism, Essentialism and Progressivism are being followed education programs all over the world. Let’s explore the ideas in a little more detail. Firstly, Perennialists focus on the introduction of the western civilization and its approach towards facts that do not change. Humans rationalize things and thus need intellectual growth. In all the study programs today, it is on the highest priority to nourish humans with information as well as aesthetic taste e.g. arts, music, books, natural constants and so forth. Robert Maynard way back in 1963 developed a program that later further developed by Mortimer Adler. Secondly, Essentialists believe that there is a set of moral and ethical knowledge that should be common for any student. Therefore, conservative approach of essentialism advocates for moral, ethical and cultural values that an institution should teach. ...
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