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Epistemology: What is Knowledge, How We Gain Knowledge?

Moreover, “Y” is true, because we cannot know something that is false for what is false does not exist and we cannot know something that does not exist because knowing something that does not exist only means knowing nothing at all. So, knowing “Y”, “X” can have a justification or a clear rationale for thinking that “Y” is true and exists. This justification can be given through intuition, immediate certainty of “X” that what he believes, “Y” is true; reasoning, the act of “X” on proving that “Y” is true based on concepts on argumentation; or sense experience, public and verifiable experiment of “X” showing that “Y” is true. Philosophers have a hesitation about intuition as a justification for knowledge. Although in reality intuition is very common to all humans, it is undeniable to think that knowledge to be justified by mere immediate and personal certainty of a person could be based only to wild guesses and do not contain real and justifiable truth. Thus, it is unreliable. So, philosophers focused on their arguments of having the bases for knowledge on the two justifications, reason and sense experience. These two ideals for the bases of the justification and verification of knowledge are identified as rationalism and empiricism, respectively. ...
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Epistemology How do we know that we know something? How do we separate our idea of believing something on knowing something? When we say we know something, does that mean we already have knowledge about it? How does knowledge differ from mere opinions and unjustified beliefs?…
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