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Student’s Name Professor Name Class Date month year Aristotle According to the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP), Aristotle was born in 384 BCE on the “coast of Thrace” in Macedonia. His father was a doctor in the king’s court, so Aristotle had a privileged life from the beginning.


At that juncture, Aristotle left Plato’s school and went off to have other adventures as a philosopher and teacher. Eventually Aristotle moved to the court of Philip of Macedonia, and became a teacher to Philip’s son, Alexander. Alexander would later become Alexander the Great, a military leader whose methods are still studied in military schools around the world. Aristotle’s influence on Alexander is evidenced by how he treated his enemies and conquered peoples. Aristotle taught Alexander until he assumed the role of king at the age of 18. In Aristotle’s lifetime he wrote many major works, but only 31 survive currently (IEP). Aristotle’s influence is world wide because his mind formed the basis of schools of philosophy for 2000 years and was used to reconcile church faith to education and logic. Authors Roy Matthews, DeWitt Platt, and Thomas Noble state that Aristotle “had the most comprehensive mind of the ancient world. His curiosity and vast intellect led him into every major field of inquiry of his time, except mathematics and music” (Matthews, Platt and Noble 74). Thus, Aristotle’s influence is wide. Schools of philosophy formed around Aristotle’s ideas. ...
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