Strawson-Free Will Essay

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Galen Strawson: Free Will Part I: Introduction. Galen Strawson argues that humans lack the capacity to be completely responsible for their actions despite the supposed presence of free will. The primary premise for his argument is that, since humans are not fully responsible for the way they are, they cannot be fully responsible for their actions (Strawson, 1995).


The unpleasantness of the choice does not nullify the presence of the choice or the fact that we always have the option to choose either the pleasant or more tolerable route over the unpleasant option and vice versa. Part II: Present the argument According to Strawson’s analysis, humans lack the capacity to make free choices. The influences of society, parents, friends, teachers, and all of the contributory factors that shape each of us into the unique individuals we are countermand our ability to freely make decisions. Since we do not control who we are and who we are determines the decisions we make, logic dictates that we are not engaging in free will because we did not have the power to shape who we are (Strawson, 1995). Additionally, Strawson states that, even if a person changes who they are, this does not mean they have free will because heredity and experience have already affected you in ways that you can never change (Strawson, 1995). ...
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