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Logics - Analysis of an Article by Peter Kreeft

Apart from many articles, he has written many books such as The Snakebite Letters, The Philosophy of Jesus, The Journey: A Spiritual Roadmap for Modern Pilgrims, Prayer: The Great Conversation: Straight Answers to Tough Questions About Prayer etc. The major idea behind this article “The Apple Argument Against Abortion” is to educate people about the consequences of performing abortion. Peter Kreeft argues against abortion in a philosophical manner throughout this article. He is making in depth analysis of the abortion issue with the help of answering certain questions like Who human are, what are the rights of human, why abortion is wrong etc and topics such as basis of morality, differences between the rights of all people and the rights of some people, arguments from skepticism etc. He also tries to analyze different cases with respect to abortion by taking different combinations such as; The fetus is a person, and we know that The fetus is a person, but we don't know that The fetus isn't a person, but we don't know that The fetus isn't a person, and we know that (Kreeft, 2000) Approach This article is mainly analytical in nature. The author tries to avoid the use of any instinctive methods in this article. He has analyzed abortion from various angles. Different dimensions of abortion were beautifully explained in this article. ...
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Logics - Analysis of a chosen article: The Apple Argument Against Abortion by Peter Kreeft The Apple Argument Against Abortion The article, “The Apple Argument Against Abortion” was published on catholic education resource center website in 2000. It was written by Peter Kreeft Ph…
Author : mbreitenberg

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