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DRAFT COPY FINAL PAPER Same Sex-Marriage Robert George’s and Angela Bolte’s Same-sex marriages have been a hot public issue in America for the past few decades. The earliest known gay rights organization is the Society for Human Rights in Chicago that was established in 1924 and launched the first gay rights movement.


Researchers like Robert George and Angela Bolte have been arguing about the actual definition of marriage and whether the word ‘spouse’ is to be used only for a member of opposite sex or same sex partners can also be called spouses legally. This paper intends to discuss Robert George’s criticisms and Angela Bolte’s defense about the legalization of same-sex marriages and my input in the debate. First, I will analyze Robert George’s criticisms. He writes that same-sex marriages should not be legalized because these will tend to destroy the moral concept of marriage. According to him, it is only one man and one woman who can unite into a marriage. There is no other form of marriage that is acceptable. He states, that “marriage is inexorably linked to our natures as men and women” (647). He asserts that it is the sexual activity that results in the reproduction of the child and that defines the concept of marriage. This cannot be achieved through a same sex marriage despite sexual activity. When couples of same sex marry, their physical makeup does not enable them to reproduce and their marriage is more like fun than a serious lifetime commitment. ...
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