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Arguments for Assisted Suicide

However, in examining this concept, one can begin to understand that it is not framed appropriately by this type of language, thus the inflammatory political debates are not being approached in a medically beneficially manner. Thus, the concept of assisted suicide when done with the purpose of hastening the inevitable where disease has already prepared the body for death should become a part of a the standard for care that is given to individuals who wish to avoid the pain of disease, the loss of mental facilities when dying, or to avoid the expense of an unnecessarily prolonged extension of a life that is already lost. Language and Definitions The word suicide is defined as “the act of killing yourself” (Jeffers & Smith, 2007, p. 81). While this is a simple definition, it lacks the appropriate level of nuance in order to fully define the full reference to everything that it implies. Suicide is the act of taking one’s own life, but it is also an act that brings with it a series of cultural images that imply sin, socially adverse action, and culturally shameful action. In Western cultures, taking one’s own life is generally considered a sin and in the United States, it is an illegal act that has criminal consequences. ...
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Running Head: ARGUMENTATIVE PAPER Assisted life, assisted death: The argument for assisted suicide Name University Class Assisted life, assisted death: The argument for assisted suicide Introduction In order to create a discussion about the idea of assisted suicide, one must chose a side in the debate and develop an ethical and moral choice…
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