Philosophy/ Ethics in the Workplace

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Ethics in the Workplace Introduction Question 1 Philosophers have identified that ethics, morality and values are inextricably tied together and we can evaluate a person through his or her attitudes towards morality, values and ethics. We can consider ethics, values and morality as eminent criteria to decide whether a person is good or bad.


We can set different parameters like the way which an individual handle ethical issues in his personal or family life, the way he behaves or communicates with others in workplace. At present, establishment of philosophical or ethical ideologies in workplace cannot consider as mere idealistic or intellectual exercise, but also purposive. In the age of globalization one cannot deny the possibility of exploitation and unethical practices in workplace. Personal ethics in the work place requires primary attention and it is considered as the most significant one in workplaces well business fields. Question 2 Researches and implementation of ethics or human values in an organizational level is not only idealistic or rational exercises, but also highly purposive. As a social being, I have followed some prescribed ethics or human values in both personal as well as in professional life. I believe a set of personal ethics are essential for success and that help an individual to recognize the right and dignity of others. I think material wealth is not a source of permanent happiness. According to Aristotle; “wealth is not pleasure, because wealth is just a monetary value, but can be used to gain some happiness” (Thinkquest, 1998). ...
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