Holocaust Philosophy Essay

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Professor’s name: Student’s name: Module title: Module ID: Submission date: Holocaust The Holocaust serves as one of the most horrible as well as most disputed and argued incidents occurred during the first half of twentieth century, which startled the entire globe because of the miseries and atrocities claimed by the Jews they had to undergo at the hands of the Nazi Germany during 1933-1945.


It is claimed that nearly six million Jews were massacred during these twelve years through different painful means, besides other cruelties inflicted upon the community. “Between 1941 and 1945, five to six million Jews were systematically murdered by the Nazi regime, its allies, and its surrogates in the Nazi-occupied territories. Yet despite the extraordinary scale and intensity of the genocide, its prominence in recent decades was far from preordained.” (Mayer, 1988:107) Somehow, the Nazis and pro-Nazis refute(d) the very claim by declaring it an infamous blur on the very face of their party and its leader Adolf Hitler. They are of the opinion that the Nazi government persecuted only the traitors and the supporters of the rivals of Germany in order to suppress the rebellion and revolt against the German nation at large in order to escape any further treachery within Germany against her army and leadership on the one hand, and to save the country from dividing into ethnic, racial and religious groups and communities on the other. ...
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