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Oedipus the King

A true hero is characterized by his emotional strength. Analysis of Oedipus suggests that Oedipus was a true as well as tragic hero. Human experience tells that a responsible king strives hard for the peace of the nation. In the start of the play, Oedipus takes all measures in the capacity of the King of Thebes to protect his people from the plague that has caught them. He not only provides everything that his people need, but also makes sure that they stay in good health. Therefore he sends Creon to the house of Apollo to seek the oracle’s advice. This is expected of a responsible king. Then to find Laius’s murderer, Oedipus seeks advice from the Chorus and hence approaches Teiresias for help. The fact that Oedipus consults the Chorus regarding the way he should proceed with the investigation speaks of the value he gives to his people and immense confidence that he places in them. People feel honored when they have been consulted by the ruler before he makes important decisions. Human experience tells that subordinates’ morale is vital to the success of any system, be that as small as an organizational setup or as large as a country. Oedipus cares a lot for his people, and involves them in the decision making. By doing this, he provides another proof of being a people’s property. ...
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25 September 2011. Was Oedipus a hero? In this paper I will argue that Oedipus is a hero, and he keeps proving this again and again right from the very beginning of the play till its end. In the history, humans have conventionally associated special skills with heroes…
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