Sparta vs. Athens: "Lycurgus" vs. "Pericles Funeral Oration" - Essay Example

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Sparta vs. Athens: "Lycurgus" vs. "Pericles Funeral Oration"

The paper under consideration analyses the importance of justice overall, as well as presenting the idea of equal justice for all, as seen in the two states to be evaluated, Sparta and Athens. The author discusses the poor treatment of women in society, which comes into focus when we look at these two states. He also describes the two major forms of governance in the ancient Greece, which is democracy practiced in Athens and Oligarchy in Sparta. The bibliography of the paper includes 10 sources.
The importance of justice in building a formidable society cannot be overemphasized. This is because societies that thrive both economically and politically have been known to act in a justice and fair manner (Galston 18-78). Social justice is simply a moral conception and has to do with giving a person or a group of people what belongs to them in terms of entitlement and morality. Injustice breeds rebellion and discomfort. Such a state of mind is dangerous for any nation and thus cannot thrive. The freedom given to a people in terms of equal rights has a major bearing on the success of such a society. The existence of free and equal people in a society, presence of personal and political liberties, giving equal opportunity to all and an aspect of cooperation does benefit a society more (Bates 12-26).
The idea of equal justice for all is seen to be evaluated in these two states. The poor treatment of women in society comes into focus when we look at these two states. Injustices were committed to the female gender and actually what is referred to as equal justice is totally imbalanced (Keyt133–52). ...
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Membership in any political practice such as voting is an important milestone in any society. Segregation of participants in such an exercise puts the society at crossroads, due to the feuding party which feels discriminated against. Such discriminative practice could still help define the fall of such states (Huxley 139–49)…
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